Boerum Hill Landmark Townhouse Renovation

Semi-gut renovation with extensive structural modifications and repairs, new plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems of a Two-Family Walk-up Apartment, 4-stories Row-house on a wide lot within the Historic District of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn NY.


Carroll Gardens Brownstone Townhouse Renovation

Gut renovation of a Two-Family Walk-up Apartment 3-stories Row-house located within the Historic District of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY. The project features abundance of natural light, reduced energy consumption with the use of super-insulation, natural ventilation and high-efficiency systems. Concrete paved rear yard is reverted to the area's traditional use of garden/vegetable farm.


Ohayo Mountain Studio Renovation

Re-connection and Restoration of an existing Artist Studio in the woods of Woodstock NY. Project's key elements are: increased natural light, super-insulation, site regrading for weather protection and an accessible wood deck.


Upper West Side Apartment Renovation

Renovation and combination of two separate apartment units of a New York City Landmark Multi-family building into one duplex apartment with roof access.


Greenwich Village Multi-family Entry Lobby Renovation

Renovation of a Midtown Manhattan street level entry lobby of a multi-family building with removal of stair enclosure and restoration of original architectural features.


Carroll Gardens Townhouse Renovation

Semi-gut renovation of a Two-Family Walk-up Apartment Row-house located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY.  The project features extensive structural work for increased natural light and the creation of a large open living space connected to the rear yard.


Pirgo - Un Piccolo Auditorium

A Feasibility Study issued to the Town of Civitavecchia, Rome IT, proposing a small island adjacent to the waterfront on Lungomare Thaon de Revel as a site for a small size concert hall and a restaurant.