Competitions/ Caprinus Boarius (2000)

Human activity produces debris. One forgets about this continuous sacrifice to Time. Broken tools that are, in one action, mechanically left behind, remain in one place. this debris, accumulated at a site, collects earth and seeds by the winds action. What we take into serious consideration is the organic activity which occurs inside the cavities formed by the union of these pieces of refuse. As if two pieces of a broken pot (testae) rolled down from monte dei cocci and into the Campo Boario enlarged so that one finally takes notice and can enter inside of the form. A presence reflecting the one created by humans long ago using nature to create function. The vision here is the ghost of the debris which takes form. This form symbolizes the flow and movement forward and backward from a mountain of broken clay pots which you can climb up and see far away into the distance. One looks up at nature from below, on earth, then one discovers its human touch.

caprinus boarius 1.jpg